5 Reasons Xero Trumps Cloud Accounting Software

In Australia Xero is the fastest-growing cloud-based accounting software. And the only software we highly recommend here at HA Accounting. Since its beginning in 2006, Xero now services over 180 countries across the globe with over 1 million subscribers. So with those types of stats, you know they are doing something right. Here at HA Accounting 90% of all clients use Xero. They also benefit from us being a xero practice as a silver champion. As this is a cloud based software HA Accounting clients across Cobram, Albury-Wodonga, Tocumwal & Melbourne are really seeing the benefits.

Here at HA Accounting we believe the below points are the top 5 reasons why Xero is your #1 online accounting platform and will out live the Trump presidency.

1. One System – Many Applications

First of all the number one benefit of this software starts with having all your accounting needs in the one place. All the essentials are there including quoting, invoicing, payroll, GST, bank reconciliations, expense tracking, tax, reporting and much more. With a xero certified practice and who use their tax software we save our clients hours and thousands of dollars in compliance.

2. Up-to-Date Features

With the latest up-to-date features and customisable add-ons, the software is ahead of the game with the latest in accounting best practice. It pairs easy to use tools with direct design to deliver an all-inclusive accounting platform. ServiceM8, receipt bank, Kounta just to name a few.

3. Flexible Customisation

Another reason why Xero is beautiful accounting software is the over 500 add-on applications allows small business owners the flexibility to customise the platform to their own specific needs. So whether you are a tradie, hairdresser, uber driver or pyschologist, you can tailor the platform to suit your needs.

4. Real Time Data on Any Device at Any Time

One of the key selling points of Xero for our plumber and building accounting clients is it allows businesses better control over their financials with access to real time data on any device at any time. Business owners can get a snapshot of their current financial position quicker than your local barista can make your coffee.

5. Automation

This is really the big one to end on. The software allows business owners the chance to automate many of their time-consuming financial and administrative tasks. Automating your accounting tasks frees up more time to do what you love – and what earns the dollars!

We haven’t even scratched the surface of what Xero can do for you and your business. Stay tuned for further Xero advice, hints and features, as we help you better your business. Or better yet contact our Director Zac Hayes to discuss how HA Accounting can help you setup Xero today.

Lastly email us reception@ha-accounting.com.au to get started