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Our previous post talked about how to start a business. By now you have registered your business name, domain, applied for an ABN and completed your business plan. Now what? How do you get this fabulous business of yours out to the masses and customers rolling in? Marketing.

If the word marketing makes you run for the hills, rest assured we are here to make it nice and simple. We’ve outlined the top 3 marketing essentials you can do to get your business churning like a marketing powerhouse.

  1. Develop your branding

Your branding says who you are as a business. Yes who you ARE. Your clients don’t just want to know what your business is, they want to know what you stand for. And your branding tells that story. Your branding consists of your logo, your colours, your fonts and the style and tone of voice you use throughout everything you do. The key to your branding is consistency. Ensure everything you put out from your business follows your branding guidelines at all times. A qualified promotional consultant can assist you with the creation of your branding and its application across all your marketing collateral.

  1. Get an online presence

In order to be found, you need to be online. Creating your own website and social media accounts is crucial for your customers to not only find you, but to interact with you. If you are not confident in the creation of your online presence, engage a marketing professional to help you. This is where business is at so you need to ensure your online presence is spot on.

  1. Word of Mouth

One of the most powerful and still underestimated forms of promoting a business is word of mouth. And it is probably the easiest of all to achieve. How? By offering kick ass service 100% of the time. All the advertising budget in the world cannot buy a referral from a happy client.

So there you have it. The three marketing essentials in a nutshell: effective branding, a powerful online presence and good customer service. Not so scary now is it….

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