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Farmers are you paying over $3000 for just financials and tax returns….WHY?

Firstly most farmers are still on Banklink or Cashflow manager. They are forking out thousands to get their BAS  and tax done by their accountant and the budgets done by farming consultants. There is a better way and here at HA Accounting we help our farmers reduce their professional fees and increase their profitability.

Therefor at HA Accounting we want to introduce farmers to the new era in accounting and farm management with Xero and Figured. The cost of software might seem a lot but in how much this system saves in compliance time in 12 months is astronomical. Clients then have all their advisers using the one lot of data and its live and up to date.

Consequently Xero has worked with figured to come up with an integrated farm management & accounting system to create a seamless approach for farm financial management. So this is some big words so the table breaks down what each sector typically entailed:


Accounting software is best for                               

  • Bank reconciliations
  • Invoicing and receivables
  • Payables and creditors
  • Expense management
  • Financial reporting
  • Loan application support
  • GST
  • Annual Reports

        Farming software is best for      

  • Farm budgeting and planning
  • Cashflow
  • Farm nutrient management and planning
  • Farm maps
  • Livestock management and compliance
  • Livestock Inventory
  • Farm reporting

Especially relevant that this new system now does all the above and more. Its connected to rural banks and rural suppliers to automate the movement of financial information to assist all the farmers stakeholders but in particular You the farmer.

Farmer Benefits

In addition at HA Accounting we know farmers do it tough and we know how to implement and manage this eco system ensuring that the $5000+ bills or the days o manually bank reconciling are over. We help train you how to use the software set this up and have regular meetings with you at a lower cost than most firms offer for just getting your financials and tax returns done. Integrating with Xero and figured deliver one complete online solution for farming in the cloud with real-time accurate information for farmers. A quick summary of benefits are listed below.


Rural Assistance, Accountant

Farmers can have the Xero Figured and HA advantage

Budgeting & forecasting

While budgeting you can see overall profit and future cash available, and easily adapt as conditions change.

Production tracking

Due to easily track livestock movements, crop and milk production, as well as your operating expenses.

Auto updates & feeds

Most noteworthy are the bank feeds, rural feeds and mobile bank coding, what happens on farm always matches what happens in your accounts.

Expert support from both your software and your accountant

In conclusion we’re here to help. We provide highly responsive help and support, and you can easily contact a product specialist directly from within Figured. We sit and train our farmers at your house in your environment.

What makes us different?

In addition to taking a modern practical approach to accounting at HA Accounting we have a major focus on helping those in regional communities, with a few already established offices in outer regional places. Our team are highly trained in farming compliance, government subsidies, farming estate planning and centrelink benefits for those in rural communities. We are happy to provide consultation with any other compliance and business services in relation to rural clients and their businesses.




HA Accounting know that every business is unique. We offer flexible working ours to fit in with your schedule. We are not your nine-to-five team of accountants, and can be available at a time that suits you.



Beyond helping you grow your business, or sort out your finances; we can help you start up your first business, expand it, sell it, and help you retire. We have the skills to assist you at every stage of your business, and see possibilities for growth.



We know that it can be difficult to start up a new business without knowledge of the process. We aim to ease that process with our network of trusted business allies in auditing, website design, and business law, who can help you grow your business in new ways



We enjoy being involved with your business on a personal level, and can meet and work with you on your premises. Alternatively, we also have offices in Albury, Tocumwal, Melbourne, and Shepparton if you prefer to come to us.

 A Casual Approach


HA Accounting can meet you on your terms. We are not a typical, boring accounting team. We meet you in an informal setting to ease the boredom and monotony of managing your finances.

 Remote Training


Furthermore we can quickly provide assistance and training by remote-controlling your computer over the internet. You don’t even need to come into the office, and we can show you how to manage your accounts.

Why you need to call us now

Hence if you are using banklink or still reconciling bank statements the old fashioned way you are costing yourself thousands in time, professional fees and money. We can help transition you into the new era of accounting to save you time and let you focus on what you do best. Farming. For those of you using Xero already be sure that your accountant is using Xero financials and Xero tax. If they are still using their old-school accounting software for your financial accounts and tax returns they are costing you money. You need to give us a call on 03 9088 0776 or email

Lastly let us help you save time and money by using Xero with you. Let us here at HA Accounting help you maximise your Xero and be your True Xero Partner.

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SMSF Fast-Growing Firm of the Year Award

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