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People don’t realise the importance of picking a good super fund. Because lets face it, saving for retirement is not often at the top of our priority list. The thing is though – it should be. A recent study shows only 53% of couples and 22% of singles are on track to achieve a comfortable level of retirement. What about the rest? Are those not on track destined to lead a retirement in financial stress?


The best way to ensure you are one of those on track to living a retirement free of financial stress is to plan now. The first and top way to go about this is to invest in your super fund. Regularly contributing to your super fund whilst you are engaged in active full time, part time or casual work is the best way to safeguard your retirement.




Unfortunately, many Australians find their super is spread across many different accounts. Consequently imagine every week if your pay was divided up between four different banks and you weren’t sure how much went where and when. How would you keep track? Why are we so decisive when it comes to our weekly salary but allow this to happen to our super?


It is because super seems like something that we don’t need for many years to come. Sure, you may be a fair way away from retirement age, but the thing is – your super is your money. Super is an enforced savings that is yours when you reach retirement age. We need to change our approach to super and prioritise it the same way we do our current savings.




Do you have many super accounts on the go? the best thing you can do is consolidating your existing super funds into the one fund. If your employer has a super fund of choice, look into consolidating your open accounts to this one current account.  The ATO has some handy information on how to choose the best super fund for you. Just be sure to check your existing insurance policies versus that of the new fund. Once the policy is gone you might not be able to get it back.


Furthermore check what super funds are available. Australians have a lot of choice in retirement funds from industry, retail to self managed funds. Ask yourself what do you need, what are you wanting for your future, How am i best placed to get there. All three options could be a good choice but will depend on your specific circumstances.

Lastly getting a grip on your super now will mean a stress-free, financially secure retirement tomorrow. If you need help contact the HA Accounting team in Tocumwal or Albury today on 0390880776. So we can help you move in the right direction.


This is in no way specific advice tailored to your needs. Please seek further financial advice and information before making any financial decisions based on any information above.

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