The HA Story

Blog 2 -  Who We Are

By Britt Lloyd

From humble beginnings, HA Accounting has made its mark on the Accounting and Finance industries over the years. Winning several regional and national accolades, the name HA Accounting has built its image on professionalism, quality and standing out from the crowd. 

"Establishing your who and your why are the fundamentals of beginning any business" says Zac Hayes, Managing Director and founder of HA Accounting. "When you get your purpose and values down, understanding what it is that your intend to achieve, you can really beginning setting yourself and your team up for success".

The HA Accounting Values

From the beginning, the values of HA Accounting have always been essential to the operation of the business. From the moment a new employee or client is introduced to the business, they are met with these six values - which have now become synonymous across The Business and Wealth Collective group. 

Those values are:

Every business is encouraged to create their own list of values when they begin their venture in business, and to commit to revisiting these values through the years. Values can often shift and change - but to Zac and the team, their values have remained unchanged since the beginning. 
"I think our values remain true today because we created the values of HA Accounting as a group. My team and I decided what it was that we stood for, and the list of six values really represented each of us individually and as a group. Even as things have changed and our group has shifted, HA remains aligned with our values". 

Keeping it fun: the HA Accounting team having a laugh during the most recent business photo shoot (2021).

Keeping It Local

Small communities bloom when everyone supports one another - and the HA Accounting team are advocates for the Tocumwal and surrounds. 
Originally a Melbourne girl, Laura Marks-Craven has set her roots into Strathmerton with her beautiful family of 8 children. Amongst football on weekends in winter, Laura enjoys spending time with her friends and large family. If the sun is shining, Laura will be camping along the stunning Murray River. 

Similarly, Zac has lived in a number of locations - but spent most of his life in the Riverina and in Tocumwal itself.

Both Directors know the region like the back of their hand - and their passion and care for the people of Tocumwal and it's surrounding towns rings through to the dedication they show in their work.

To find out more about the HA Accounting team, stay tuned for our next blog and meet the team! 

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