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HA Accounting is your best Xero Accountant

We have previously discussed why Xero is your leading choice when it comes to online accounting platforms. It’s easy to use the system, many handy add-ons, flexible customisation and automation mean your finances are being managed to the best of their ability. It’s important to get the most out of Xero software to use a Xero accountant.


The next component of your accounting journey is to enlist an accountant. Your accountant is more than someone who just works your numbers. They are there to guide you through every step of your business and help your business to grow.


There are many pieces of advice you can follow when choosing the right accountant. Our main piece of advice follows on from our recommendation of Xero as your preferred accounting platform. If you have chosen Xero as your online accounting system, you want your accountant to be the master of the Xero domain. They need to know Xero like the back of their hand. This is where the difference lies.

Xero Accountants should be Xero Certified

There are some accountancy firms that are ‘Xero certified’ meaning they have completed some additional training and earned their Xero certification. Which is great. You want your accountant to be qualified. The only problem is those accountants who achieve their certification, yet then fail to utilise the system. Their certification could be to attract clients or to add extra kudos to the firm. But unless those accountants are utilising the system on a day-to-day basis, the certification is worth no more than the paper it is written on.


When searching for your accountant, ensure to confirm if they are a Xero tax accountant and not just Xero certified. This will ensure that they are best equipped to manage your finances and work with the Xero system. This is important when it comes to preparing your tax return and quarterly BAS preparations. This might seem like a not so important topic. However, this can save you thousands in accounting fees. As we use Xero tax we see the benefits in the second year the automation means we can spend more time on what matters most and finish our clients’ financial statements and tax returns in half the time.


Doing your accounting homework prior to enlisting your accountant will save you not only time but money down the track.


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